If you love Police Procedurals and you love hanging out in the pub talking about them, then you’re going to love ‘Police Procedurals in the Pub’. I’ll be sitting in various virtual pubs (rough life, isn’t it?) talking about crime fiction and talking about The Mike O’Shea Crime Fiction Series. Be sure to add your comments on my YouTube Channel!

Police Procedurals In The Pub: Barb! Episode 2

Here we are at The Gravediggers in Dublin (aka John Kavanagh) with retired police detective/author Desmond P. Ryan to talk about Barb, one of the funniest characters in 10-33 Assist PC. If you haven’t already read the book, grab it here:

Police Procedurals In The Pub Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of Police Procedurals In The Pub. Today, I’m at Stout Irish Pub in Toronto, Ontario, talking about…Police Procedurals! Join me, Desmond P. Ryan, for a virtual pint as we chat about 10-codes and how Three Days became 10-33 Assist PC.

Real Detective. Real Crime. Fiction.

Desmond P. Ryan on CHCH TV Morning Live - October 24, 2019

Former Toronto detective and crime writer Des Ryan was back on Morning Live with his latest book "Man at the Door".

Desmond Ryan Book Discussion and Reading - March 5, 2020

Fanshawe College Library and Reading Series - Today we're very excited to welcome author Desmond Ryan into the Library for a book reading and discussion from The Mike O'Shea Crime Fiction Series

Desmond P. Ryan on CHCH TV Morning Live - January 24, 2020

Ever wonder what goes on behind police lines? Author Desmond P. Ryan knows. He’s a retired detective – with an English degree and joined us this morning with "The Mike O’Shea Crime Series".

London Morning with Rebecca Zandbergen - Oct. 17, 2019

Lifetime of police work leads to crime fiction novels

Dark & Stormy Book Club Podcast - March, 2019

We welcome back Desmond P. Ryan to discuss his latest Mike O'Shea mystery "Death Before Coffee" Now, as a retired detective with three decades of research opportunities under his belt, he writes crime fiction. We also talk about a new series he has in the works.

Dark & Stormy Book Club Podcast - Nov, 2018

We had a lively interview with Desmond P. Ryan, author of "10-33 Assist PC". Ryan, an almost 30 year veteran of the Toronto, Canada police force.