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Blind Spot

Early on a Monday morning, a group of first responders are standing around a burned-out car by the waterfront. They’re waiting for the detectives to arrive to show them what they’ve found. A well-seasoned crime reporter also just happens to be in the area. Within minutes of arriving, Detective Mike O’Shea identifies the charred remains in the car as those of a woman he’s known for years, while the reporter recognizes Mike’s new partner as someone she’s had numerous dealing with in the past. As Mike gets closer to uncovering the truth about the body in the car while trying to protect his new partner, the stakes get higher, tempers flare, and rumors fly. Something’s got to give. Or is it already too late?

In the fourth book of The Mike O’Shea Series, Blind Spot brings the reader into a world of murder, deceit, and betrayal. No one is left unscathed in this searing police procedural that follows Detective Mike O’Shea, an inner-city cop fighting an uphill battle against crime, corruption, and his own human frailties.

Complete Series

The Mike O'Shea Crime Series

10-33 Assist PC (Book 1)
Death Before Coffee (Book 2)
Man at the Door (Book 3)
Blind Spot (Book 4)
Book 5 Coming December 2024
Book 6 Coming April 2025

A Pint of Trouble Mystery

Mary-Margaret and The Case of The Lapsed Parishioner

When Mary-Margaret O’Shea, a woman of a certain age with mildly Machiavellian tendencies, discovers a homicide scene and meets an unimpressive lead investigator, she realizes that she has no choice but to solve the crime herself. With little help from Michael, her police-detective son, she enlists Arthur, her eccentric housekeeper, to help her find the killer.
In Mary-Margaret and The Case of The Lapsed Parishioner, a series of assumptions and misguided steps may lead her to the killer, or they may make her the next victim.