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Due to COVID-19, Constable Heidi Stevenson, EOW April 19, 2020, will not be able to receive a full police funeral at this time. As my way of grieving the loss while recognizing the life and career of PC Stevenson, I’m offering my fictional novella, The Funeral, free on Kobo for anyone who wants some insight into the protocols and emotions of a police funeral.

For those of you who do not use Kobo, click below and download your PDF version of The Funeral. Or DM me here with your email address and I will send you a copy.

About The Funeral…

‘The Funeral’, a stand-alone novella or the epilogue to ’10-33 Assist PC’, brings us into the intimate world of those most closely affected in the days following the loss of one of their own. Written by a Real Detective, The Funeral walks us through to the end of watch in this poignant finale to a heroic life cut short in the line of duty.

Police Procedurals in the Pub

If you love Police Procedurals and you love hanging out in the pub talking about them, then you’re going to love ‘Police Procedurals in the Pub’. I’ll be sitting in various virtual pubs (rough life, isn’t it?) talking about crime fiction and talking aboutThe Mike O’Shea Crime Fiction Series. Be sure to add your comments to my YouTube Channel!  

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Mike O'Shea Crime Series

The Mike O’Shea Crime Series is crime fiction as it’s meant to be: authentic, fast-paced, and exploding with emotions. And here are the first book, the epilogue, and the second book all in one.

#Exclusive #CoverReveal #ManAtTheDoor

I am super excited to share the cover for Man At The Door by Desmond P. Ryan with you today. This is book three in the Mike O’Shea Crime Fiction series…..out on the 16th October. #Exclusive #CoverReveal #ManAtTheDoor by Desmond P. Ryan @RealDesmondRyan

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