Real Detective. Real Crime. Fiction.

Murderers, predators, and social outcasts populated my world for almost thirty years.

You want the most authentic crime fiction experience you’ve ever had?

As a retired Police Detective, I’ve got those stories.


In the first of the Mike O’Shea Crime fiction series, 10-33 Assist PC gives us an inside glimpse into the dirty world of human trafficking while simultaneously pulled us into the hearts and souls of the men and women who have chosen to put their lives on the line.

Beautifully written and powerfully real.

Minimac Reviews

Ryan delivers what he promises – an authenticity derived from experience.

MM Cheryl Book Reviews

If you love a crime novel that is dark, raw and gritty, then look no further than 10-33 Assist PC.

By The Letter Book Reviews

The Funeral is powerful and heartbreaking.

Zooloos Book Diary Reviews

This book is like a cup of coffee… dark, strong, and caffeinated.

Audio Killed The Bookmark Reviews

A fun, well-paced read with skullduggery, investigation, family, cops personal lives and a bit of well-timed humour.

Always Reading Reviews

Ryan has a strong voice and uses it to give the right details to provide a very compelling read.

The Irresponsible Reader Book Reviews

Police Procedurals in the Pub

If you love Police Procedurals and you love hanging out in the pub talking about them, then you’re going to love ‘Police Procedurals in the Pub’. I’ll be sitting in various virtual pubs (rough life, isn’t it?) talking about crime fiction and talking aboutThe Mike O’Shea Crime Fiction Series. Be sure to add your comments to my YouTube Channel!  

Desmond Ryan Book Discussion and Reading - March 5, 2020

Fanshawe College Library and Reading Series - Today we're very excited to welcome author Desmond Ryan into the Library for a book reading and discussion from The Mike O'Shea Crime Fiction Series

Desmond P. Ryan on CHCH TV Morning Live - January 24, 2020

Ever wonder what goes on behind police lines? Author Desmond P. Ryan knows. He’s a retired detective – with an English degree and joined us this morning with "The Mike O’Shea Crime Series".

Desmond P. Ryan on CHCH TV Morning Live - October 24, 2019

Former Toronto detective and crime writer Des Ryan was back on Morning Live with his latest book "Man at the Door".

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